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Observations to determine the learning styles, strengths, and needs of the child provide useful information to optimize his or her ability to gain skills in an educational setting. Observations can be done at home or school and are available for 30 or 60 minutes. During the observation, notes will be taken and a subsequent, detailed report that includes an observational summary as well as instructional suggestions is provided as follow-up. 

Observations may be requested by parents or schools, but parent permission must be obtained should the school make the request. Parents or guardians requesting an observation will receive two copies of the report and may share with the school if desired. In the case of a school requesting an observation, both the school and parent/guardian will receive a copy of the report. 

This report will include:

  • Background information and description of setting
  • Detailed summary of observations
  • Areas of concern
  • Child's strengths
  • Child's areas of need
  • Special considerations as are pertinent
  • Suggestions for home
  • Suggestions for school
  • Additional recommendations as needed

Fee structure for observations done within a 30 mi. radius of Huron, OH:

  • 30 minute observation and report - $40.00
  • 60 minute observation and report - $60.00
  • I will happily go beyond a 30 mi. radius of Huron with travel expenses added to my fee.

You may reach me by phone or via my contact page for more information about observations or to schedule one now. For your convenience, a records release form may be downloaded and printed from here.


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