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Portfolio Assessments

Portfolio assessments are one of two methods* approved for reporting homeschool student progress in Ohio, and they are the method of choice for many families. Whether you are an “unschooler”, the parent of a special needs child,  or simply dissatisfied with the limited snapshot that standardized tests provide, portfolio assessments may be the perfect tool to summarize your child's academic progress. If you think your child would be best served by this type of year-end evaluation, you will want to keep a minimum of three to five work samples per subject (beginning, middle, and end of the year) which demonstrate growth over the course of the school year. Additional information that would be helpful in documenting your child’s academic progress, though not necessary, may be added and could include things such as special projects undertaken, awards or recognition earned, field trips, performances, or ministry/services activities.

Basic portfolio assessments ($35) will include an in-person or online review of your child's progress during the year and a signed statement certifying that progress for to provide to your school district of residence.

Specialized reviews ($60) will include:

  • Signed statement sent to the school district and a copy for family records
  • Review of subjects taught for family records
  • Summary of progress made per subject for family records
  • Recommendations for parents based on your child's specific learning strengths and needs  
  • Assistance with curriculum selection/implementation (as desired) for parent use
  • Enrichment/remediation ideas for parent use
  • Suggestions for lesson planning and delivery (as desired) for parent use.

Work samples can be reviewed via online video chat or sent through the USPS or email. Arrangements can also be made for those wishing an in-house or face-to-face review although travel expenses will be added for families living outside a 30 mi. radius of Huron, Ohio.

Please contact me by phone or via my contact page for more information about portfolio assessments or to schedule one now.

*Find out more about year-end evaluation options in Ohio here.

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