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Individualized teaching strategies & support for the exceptional child in the home, school, & church


My workshops are designed to "pull back the curtain" for parent educators, private school staff members, and children's ministry workers who want to gain confidence as well as straightforward ideas for working with special needs children at home or in the classroom. Sessions include a general overview of topics in special education as needed but will focus on real life application of sound instructional practices. Workshops can target specific ages or areas of concern (such as middle school, reading difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, etc.) or be general in nature and will be tailored to the group’s interests and needs.

According to audience needs/wishes, these sessions can include (but are not limited to):

  • NEW! "More Than a Label" - Labels can be helpful, but what about the unintended consequences of their overuse?  Together we will take a look at the growing number of labels we place on children, determine their effectiveness, and discuss their limitations. As Lynn Namka, Ed. D. wrote in 1997, "Labels are for jelly jars. Teach children - don't label them!"
  • "Don't Make Me Count to Three!" - Proactive behavior interventions designed to create an atmosphere in which children with behavioral challenges can learn
  • "Developing and Documenting Goals" - How to set and evaluate individualized goals - for parent use in the home or as part of a service plan in the private school
  • "From Strength to Strength" - A refreshing break from a deficit driven approach, this instructional model builds upon the foundation of our children's strengths. This workshop will provide ideas for building upon and teaching to the God-given strengths of individual children. Those attending this session should come with specific talents, interests, or strengths in mind. A guided framework will be provided to strategize ways to build our children's confidence and proficiency by teaching to their strengths.
  • "It's Not Rocket Science - Strategies for Teaching the Exceptional Child" - This interactive workshop is designed to take the mystery out of teaching children with unique learning styles or challenges. It will take a brief look at topics in special education but will focus on real life strategies - particularly those proven successful for children with specialized instructional needs. Come with situations and questions that you would like to see addressed. 
  • "Using the Skill Screener and Strategy Guide" - Learn how to use this parent friendly screening tool. Save time, money, and frustration as you pinpoint both competencies and specific areas of need in reading fluency and comprehension, math reasoning and computation, and oral and written communication. Specific intervention strategies will be given for each area of need.
  • "Build a Workshop" - You may combine topics from above or choose those of interest and/or need. Additional workshops suggested include discussions on differentiation, ADD/ADHD, and multi-sensory instruction.

Hourly, half day, and full day sessions are available. Half and full day sessions will allow for additional time to plan and make practical application. Homeschool based workshop fees for cooperatives or individual families within a 60 mi. radius of Huron, OH are:

  • Half day - $80
  • Full day - $120
  • Hourly - $40
  • I will happily go beyond a 60 mi. radius of Huron with travel expenses added to my fee.
  • Fee structure for school based professional development (or groups of more than ten people) is available upon request

Contact me by phone or via my contact page for more information about professional development or to schedule a session now.



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