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The Yellow Door


I painted our front door yellow yesterday - certainly not a very notable accomplishment for most folks. For me, however, it was akin to wing walking or swimming the Atlantic Ocean (do people even do that???).  A yellow door was not on my radar when I awoke that morning. Although I had intended to paint the door all summer, I was awaiting the go-ahead from my husband as to color choice and method- which came yesterday in a series of texts (why do married people who live in the same house text?):

Would like to paint the front door and it's a good day to do it. Is that okay? Any thoughts to color? Kinda wanted it to pop a bit.


Yeyyo?  (family joke - that's how our grandson says it)

Yeyyo would be beautiful!

And, that's all it took! Forty-five minutes and a trip to Ace Hardware later, and I had begun the transformation of our front door from.... well, I'm not sure what words to use here. From boring to bling? From putty to poppy? From safe to sorry?

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of yellow. Oh, it's alright in small doses. Quite nice, actually, when strategically placed in bouquets or, let's say, as sunshine. But, my front door? Why didn't my husband like the deep burgundy or quiet taupe color chips I had shown him? When I had suggested "yeyyo", it was really kind of a joke, and the thought occurred to me that perhaps he had been joking, too, and my gullibility had left us with a door nearly the color of a school bus.

I don't know how long I'll keep our door yellow. Most likely, I will revert to a safer hue in the near future. But, for now it seems apropos - a symbol of taking risks. You see, our family is set to embark on a trip this Saturday that will bring us all together for the first time in two years. Destination - Hawaii! Our son and his wife are living there while he's in school, and it is the logical juncture for his mid-western family to meet hers from Japan. We will be celebrating their marriage which took place in March. It's a big trip for someone like me who prefers my own back yard to most other places on the planet, and I hope we've planned it well. I pray the Lord will go before us and be there in our midst so that his name will be glorified.

Hmmmm.... Yellow is a glorious color, isn't it? Perhaps the perfect color door to step through on our way to a glorious and joyous reunion.  What "yellow doors" have you been walking through lately?


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