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Best Homeschool Hacks Contest Winners

We have TWO!

First, a behavior focused tip from Kathryn R. in Michigan:

When my five year old son is excited or anxious about some plans or what's going to happen next, I provide him a little picture schedule to carry. When he asks me (for the umpteenth time!) what is happening, I refer him to the schedule and simply say, "Look at what we're doing now. That's all you have to think about for now." This little schedule helps him focus on the present but still let's him see what is going to happen next PLUS it saves me lots of words and potential frustration. I can even just point to the schedule or simply say, "Check your schedule."

Next, a basic skills practice tip from Stacia M. in Indiana :

We found some Melissa & Doug placemats that have numbers and counting on them. One is "count to 10" which is one of Kieran's kindergarten goal, so that sits at his place at the table for him to use to review. The other is for our younger son and is "numbers 1-10". He's had fun looking at and recognizing the different numbers. I'd like to get others to switch out, too!

Thank you, ladies, for your participation and willingness to share your simple and successful "homeschool hacks"!



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